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City of Detroit - Crime Viewer Interactive map that shows where crime occurs in the city by infraction type and provides detailed reporting. Detroit Home Mortgage Multi-bank program to obtain financing for Detroit residential properties. Michigan Saves Green bank offering financing programs that help Michigan residents take control of their energy costs through efficiency and renewable projects. Historic Preservation Tax Credits Information and explanations regarding historic preservation tax credits.

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Motor City Match Grant program for Detroit entrepreneurs and property owners. New Economy Initiative Grant program for Detroit-area entrepreneurs. Main Street Bank Lending institution. Towne Mortgage Lending institution. First American Title Company Title insurance company. Detroit Training Center Home improvement workshops and workforce development training related to construction, heavy equipment, and residential builder licensing.

United Community Housing Coalition Local provider of comprehensive housing assistance to Detroit's low-income residents. Homewyse Resource to estimate material, installation, and maintenance costs. Fixr Resource to estimate material, installation, and maintenance costs.

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There are three 3 convenient ways to retrieve a document from our extensive files: Visit waynecountylandrecords. For records prior to January 01, , please visit our office or request a search-by-mail. NOTE: Certified copies are not available from our website.

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Certifications can only be obtained by visiting our office or by requesting a search-by-mail. This fee is waived if you can provide proof you are searching for your personal residence valid driver's license, for example.

We also have self-serve kiosks available in our lobby, which will allow you to conduct a search on your own. These properties include vacant commercial and industrial structures, vacant commercial and industrial-zoned land, and municipal properties which have been designated as surplus. The Detroit Land Bank Authority DLBA owns and manages the publicly-owned residential property in Detroit and sells select vacant homes and residential side lots online.

Please visit. To lease City-owned property, applicants must be registered with the City of Detroit for personal property tax and withholding tax purposes. The Detroit City Council is the final decision maker of the disposition of city-owned property. For less complicated transactions, the sales process often takes four months from time of application until close.

This includes review of the application, negotiation, receiving necessary approvals from City Council, and closing.

PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) Financing

Larger scale projects and more complicated transactions often take longer to complete. Before applying to purchase property, please be sure that you or the organization you represent have no outstanding personal or corporate income taxes, property taxes, water bills, or blight violations.

If you are proposing a ground-up development or extensive structural rehabilitation, please provide at least a conceptual plan identifying the proposed use of the property, the scope of work, estimated costs and financing sources, and prior experience with similar developments. These additional documents can be digitally uploaded when filling out the Property Application Form. Before applying to purchase a property, please research its ownership status. Individuals or organizations can also apply to purchase property that is not currently being marketed using the Property Application Form.

To help rebuild property values in the City, encourage the development of a healthy real estate market, and to promote fairness and transparency, all property is generally sold at market value.

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When applying to purchase property, please bid a competitive rate. Extremely low offers that are below market value will generally not be accepted. Credits are sometimes provided for adjacent property owners, property sales that will encourage job growth, and for local non-profit organizations. The DLBA created the Community Partner Program to encourage faith and community-based organizations to help stabilize and transform their neighborhoods.

Community partners interested in purchasing publicly-owned property should use the Property Application Form. You are strongly encouraged to review the zoning requirements for the property you are interested in purchasing.