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The second or other IP address in play is your internal IP address. It's generated by your router which connects your computer to the Internet.

Your internal or computer's IP address is the one your router knows your computer by. There's no way to find your internal IP address on the Internet.

Find Your Router’s IP Address in Windows

You must peer into your computer's own networking system. It's not that difficult to do and IT people and tech-types do it all the time. When people worry about their IP address and want to know if they can hide it, they're always referring to their public IP address, because that's the one that's linked to an Internet Service Provider, which means there's an account with someone's name and address on it. Can you do anything about that? The answer is yes. You can learn more by reading how to hide your IP address. Get hidden now. About Press Contact.

How to Find Your IP Address

WAN IP. What do you mean I have two IP addresses? What's going on here? The two are referred to in several ways: A public one and a private one.

An external one and an internal one. Also good. Simple enough.

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One the world sees, the other only you see. It's a fact.

Onboard configuration

Ok, that just got more technical. The power of two.

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  • The go-between for the public and non-public IP address is your router : Your router has assigned to your computer an internal IP address, to which you're connected wirelessly or directly. It also assigns a different, but similar internal IP address to any other computer connected on your network.

    This external IP address identifies your computer to the Internet. The public external IP address. The private internal IP address. How do I find the load balancer's IP address? You can determine the IP addresses associated with an internal load balancer or an internet-facing load balancer by resolving the DNS name of the load balancer. These are the IP addresses where the clients should send the requests that are destined for the load balancer.

    However, Classic Load Balancers and Application Load Balancers use the private IP addresses associated with their elastic network interfaces as the source IP address for requests forwarded to your web servers. For Network Load Balancers, the source IP address of these requests depends on the configuration of its target group.

    These IP addresses can be used for various purposes, such as allowing the load balancer traffic on the web servers and for request processing.

    8 Best IP Scanner Tools for Network Management

    However, because Network Load Balancers don't support security groups, based on the target group configurations, the IP addresses of the clients or the private IP addresses associated with the Network Load Balancers must be allowed on the web server's security group. Refrain from using this information to statically configure your applications to point to these IP addresses. Find private IP addresses associated with load balancer elastic network interfaces using the console.

    Paste the load balancer name that you copied in step 4 in the search box. The filtered results show all elastic network interfaces associated with the load balancer. For each of the elastic network interfaces in the filtered results: Select the elastic network interface.