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It is recommended that you confirm the price and address by calling the vital records office before you place your order.

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This web site is not associated with any government office. Jefferson St. Springfield, IL Fax: Make money order, certified check or personal check payable to Illinois. If your request is mailed via regular US Mail the turn around rate is 3 Weeks.

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If your request is sent via a speedy service eg: Overnight, second day etc then it is processed immediately and requested document is sent to you within 2 business days. If the record is found, one certification is issued at no additional charge. For certified copies, write to the Clerk of the Circuit Court in the county where the marriage license was obtained. Fees vary. For certified copies, write to the Clerk of the Circuit Court in the county where the divorce was granted.

Many have different offices for handling specific types of vital records and holdings may vary. Use the addresses and phone numbers listed for each county as a starting point. I recommend that you call or write the county offices to check your best option for getting the information you need. Follow this link to determine what county a city or town is in. It is a proud task to put together a family tree.

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Intimidating though it may be, organizing a family tree can be a fun hobby if you take your time and go through the right steps. Do not be overwhelmed with the information you may uncover. Genealogy websites have a wealth of helpful tips to help you succeed in giving this gift to your family. It is important to gather all the information you can about your family before you investigate the Illinois vital records that pertain to your family.

Most family members who keep in contact with each other know sibling and grandparent information. Providing this to your young tree can be a great accomplishment even before you seek out Illinois vital records for the data you do not know.

One thing to remember in the early stages of family tree making: do not get frustrated. It may be easier to think of filling out one side instead of tackling the whole project.

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Your state has available to the public the birth and death information for its citizens. Birth certificates and death records provide accurate data for the family history you are creating. The central hub for vital records, including birth and death certificates, but not marriage, civil union, and divorce and civil union dissolution records, is the Illinois Department of Health. Copies can be ordered by mail or in person at the Department, at the Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Vital Records, East Ridgely Avenue, Springfield, Illinois , with a check or money order for the fees such a request is subject to.

Alternately, you can request a birth certificate copy by fax or online, using the services of the third party VitalChek and paying with a credit card. Copies of death certificates can be requested by family members of the deceased person or by people with a property right interest, where property right refers to co-ownership of a tangible property, such as a vehicle or real estate, as proven by a car title or a deed.

The Department of Health issues two types of death certificate copies, certified and uncertified. The former can be used for legal purposes, while the latter is issued for research and genealogical purposes. Marriage and civil union records, as well as divorce and civil union dissolution records, are available from the respective county authorities.

These include the county clerk for marriages and civil unions, and the circuit court clerk for divorces and dissolutions. However, the Department of Public Health can issue verification for each of these events. Verifications for marriages and divorces can be issued for the period back to , while verifications for civil unions and civil union dissolutions concern the period from to date.

One set of public records that are freely available online are records of business entities. The database at the Secretary of State is maintained by the Department of Business Services and includes information about any type of business entity registered in the state of Illinois, including limited liability companies and partnerships, corporations and non-profit organizations.

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Although the information in this database cannot be copied or downloaded, the Department offers such services in exchange for a fee for certain records depending on statute. If you need a tax registration reference, you have to go to the Illinois Department of Revenue, which offers online search capabilities based on account number or business tax number, federal employment identification number, or Illinois tax license number. In the spirit of open government, the Illinois General Assembly website offers ample search resources for records about the legislative process, including bills and resolutions, as well as public acts, and legislative and special reports.

Also among the available public records here are transcripts of Senate and House of Representatives proceedings, schedules and journals.