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Biograph Co Bird and Tree Club Birdsboro Steel Foundry and Machine Co 3. Birkinbine, John Bisbee, Genevieve Bisbee, Jasper 2. Bishop Gutta Percha Co 4. Bishop, James Walter 6. Bismarck, Otto von 8. Bissell, C W Bissell, Frank Edward 2. Bixler, Edward Stewart Blache, Herbert 2.

Black Diamond Powder Co 4. Black, George 3. Blackman Talking Machine Co 7. Blackman, Joseph Newcomb 4. Blackman, Myron Mitchell 5.

A project that narrates Edison's life and work through his documents

Blackton, James Stuart Blackwell, Robert Winthrop 2. Blaine, James Gillespie Blair Camera Co 3. Blair, Frank Ross 4. Blair, J E 2. Blair, Joseph C 3. Blake and Burkart 5. Blake Crusher Co 2. Blake, Clarence J Blake, Francis, Jr Blake, Herbert E 2. Blake, Theodore A 3. Blan, Samuel A 2. Blanco, Juan Carlos 6. Blankenship, Georgia Blass Lackawanna Steel Co 2. Blathy, Otto Titus 5. Blauvelt, William Hutton Blavatsky, Helena Petrovna 4. Blaw Collapsible Steel Centering Co 4. Bleyer, Julius Mount 7. Blinne, Frederick George Blish, Henry Herbert 7.

Bliss E. Co Bliss, Donald M Bliss, George Harrison Block, Julius H Blood, Ted 5. Bloomfield N. Board of Health 2. Bloomfield, Charles A 2. Bloomingdale Bros 4. Bloomingdale, Irving Ingersoll 2.

Sheriff's Deputy arrested in drug ring case

Blow, Jellings 2. Blue Devils 8. Board of Censorship Motion Pictures Boardwalk National Bank 2. Bocchi, A 6.

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Bock, William E 2. Bocock, John Paul 2. Bodell, Joseph James Bodwell, Raymond W 3. Boehm, Ludwig K Boehme, John A 8. Boetsch, Blanche 3. Boettger Silk Finishing Co 3. Bofinger, John W 9. Bofinger, William H 6. Bogart, Adam W 4. Bogert, John Lawrence 3. Bogue, Edward Augustus 4. Bogue, Lucy Durfee Boisot, Charles V 2. Boissevain, Athanase Adolphe Henri 5. Bolan, Robert J 8. Boland Airplane and Motor Co 2. Bolitho, Frank 2. Bolton, Charles Edward 3. Bombay Telephone Co Ltd 2. Bonbright William P. Bonci, Alessandro Bond and Mortgage Guarantee Co 5.

Bonelli, Gaetano 3. Bonneville Cement Co 4. Booth Garrett and Blair Booth, Edwin 2. Borden, Albert Greene Borden, Spencer Bordner, Daniel 4. Borgfeldt, George 4. Borglum, Gutzon 3. Bori, Lucrezia 7. Borst, Jeremiah A 2. Bossart, Paul W 9. Boston Advertiser 3. Boston American 2. Boston Belting Co 2. Boston Bijou Theatre Co 7. Boston Edison Co Boston Electric Club 2.

Boston Electric Show Boston Gear Works 5. Boston Globe Boston Herald Boston Journal 7. Boston Post 2. Boston Symphony Boston Transcript 3. Boston Transit Commission 6. Boston, Charles Anderson 3. Bostwick, E B 3. Botrel, Theodore 2. Botsford, Charles H 3. Bouldin, William, III 4. Bouquie, Paul Bouverie, Edward Pleydell Bowell, George Bennet 2. Bowker, Richard Rogers Bowles, Raymond A 2. Bowman, George Percy 4. Bowsky M. Fur Dressing and Dyeing Co. Boy Scouts of America 5. Boyce, George R 4. Boykin, Edward Carrington 9.

Boyle Edison Employee 3. Brackett, Cyrus Fogg Braden, Mrs John 2. Bradford Academy 7. Bradford, Edward Green, II 4. Bradley Edison Employee 9. Bradley Contracting Co 7. Bradley, Charles Schenck Bradley, Charles Smith 7. Bradley, Frank 2. Bradley, Frank E 7. Bradley, George Lothrop Bradley, J A 2. Bradley, James J Bradley, Joseph P Bradley, Leverett Bradshaw, John Hammond Bradshaw, R C 4. Bradstreet Co Bradstreet, Edward Payson 2. Brady, Anthony Nicholas 9. Brady, James I 2. Brady, Mathew B Brady, Nicholas Frederic Brady, Patrick Bramwell, Frederick Joseph Branch, Thomas 2.

Brand, James 3. Brandon and Sons Brandon Bros Brandon, David Hunter Brandon, Douglas Horace 7. Brandon, Miss 7. Brandon, Raphael Hunter 3. Brann, Henry A 2. Branner, John Casper Brant, John 3. Brashear John A. Co Ltd 2. Brashear, John Alfred Brasseur, Charles L Braunstein, H 8. Bray, A 6. Bray, Frank Chapin 2. Ministry of Agriculture. Secretary of Agriculture 2. Brearley, William Henry 2. Brecher, Charles 2. Breck, George 2. Breckon, John Robert Bredt, Edward Arthur Bredt, Jessie Heath Mrs E.

Arthur Breguet, Antoine 2. Breguet, Louis 2. Brehmer Bros 4. Breitenfeld, Emil 6. Breitkopf and Hartel 3. Bremer, W A 2. Bremner, D A 9. Brennan, Daniel, Jr Brentano's Brevoot, Henry Lefferts 9. Brewer and Jensen Brewer, Abijah R 6. Brewer, Edward Griffith 6. Brewer, Edward H Brewster, William Farley Briggs, Dr 2. Briggs, Leroy E Briggs, Lowell C Brigham, Sarah W Bright, Charles Tilston 2.

Brill J. Brisbane, Arthur Briscoe Freres 3. Bristow, I G 2. British American Chemical Co 3. British Association for Advancement of Science British Chemical Co Ltd 7. British Columbia Electric Co 2. British Edison Storage Battery Co 2. British Empire Club 2. British Ore Concentration Syndicate. British South Africa Co 2. British Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co. Britton, Edward Elms 3. Britton, John Alexander 2. Broadnax, Amos 3. Brock, William M Broden, Albert 4. Brodie, William M 5. Bromberg, Edward 2.

Bronte, Charlotte 2. Bronx Motion Picture Studio Bronx Terminal Corp 2. Brooklyn Eagle 4. Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences Brooks Bros New York 5. Brooks, Alice 6. Brooks, David 5. Brooks, Phillips 3. Brophy, J A Brossa, Gabriel 9. Brotherhood, A 2. Brown C. Brown and Sharpe Manufacturing Co Brown, Alfred S Brown, C E 9. Brown, Charles A 7. Brown, Charles Turner 3. Brown, Edward Terry Brown, Florence 4.

Brown, Frederick S 4. Brown, Harold P Brown, Harriet Irene 7. Brown, Henry P 6. Brown, Howard Vachel 3. Brown, James Wallace Brown, John Crosby 2. Brown, John P 2. Brown, Jonathan, III Brown, Katharine Greeley Mrs Jonathan Brown, Kirk 8. Brown, Lowell Huntington 2. Brown, Robert G 6. Brown, S A 3. Brown, S D 4. Brown, Samuel 3.

Brown, T C 2. Brown, T Forster 2.

Brown, Thatcher M 3. Brown, W H, Investor 3. Brown, W H, Phonograph Enthusiast. Brown, William Thayer, Jr 5. Browne, Causten 2. Browne, James E 2. Browning, Charles Ross 3. Browning, John 6. Browning, Katherine 9. Browning, Robert 4. Bruch, Charles Patterson Bruch, Edward B 3. Bruch, Kate Patterson Bruff, William Fontaine 2. Brugman, Marshall 3. Brulatour, Jules E 6. Brunk, Anthony Toney 2. Bruno, Guido 2.

Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co Brunton, David William Brush Electric Co Brush Electrical Engineering Co Brush, Charles Francis Brush, May Bryan, William Jennings Bryant, George L 2. Bryant, Lewis Thompson 7. Bryant, Sara Cone 2. Bryant, William Cullen 3. Bryn Mawr Club 8. Bryn Mawr College Buchanan, C G 4. Buchanan, Jeffrey Patrick Buchbinder, Miss Buchman and Deisler 3. Buchman, Frank 3. Buchwald Edison Employee Buck, Elisha A 2. Buckeye Electric Co 3.

Buckeye Engine Co Buckeye Reaper and Mower Works Buckhorn Portland Cement Co 2. Buckingham Army Airfield Fort Myers. Buckingham, Charles Luman Buckingham, John L 2. Bucklen, Herbert E 2. Buckley, Homer John 2. Budapesti Altalanos Villamossagi Reszvenytarsasag 7. Buehler, Huber Gray Buehler, William J Buehn Phonograph Co 6. Buell, Charles Edward 3. Buell, Walter Hull 8. Buffalo Enquirer 2. Buffalo Times 2. Buick Motor Co 8. Bull, James Edgar Bullard, Edward Payson 7. Bullock, Walter Frederick 2. Bulow, Hans von 3. Bunn, Jacob Frederick 8. Bunnell J. Bunnell, C M 3. Bunnell, Jesse H Bunsen, Robert Wilhelm Eberhard.

Burbank Luther Society 2. Burbank, Luther Burd, George Eli Burdick, H 2. Bureau of Explosives 5.

Burger, Ernest 3. Burgoyne Quick Printing Co 2. Burk, Addison B 2. Burke, Edith Lee Burke, Edward F Burke, Elizabeth Mrs John 4. Burke, John Helen Martin of Lenni Heights, Mrs. Anna Marie Martin of Lima and Mrs. Jennie Vernon of Media, Mrs. Mary Plummer of Bywood and Mrs. Grace Croall of Williamson School. Funeral arrangements have not been completed. Barto was born in Harrisburg, Pa.

He is a retired employe of the Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corp. Galloway, and three daughters, Mrs. Edward Helms of Parkside; Mrs. Nellie Clendening of Harrington, Del. Virginia Austin of Clayton, Del. Private funeral services will be at the William S. Bleyler funeral home, W.

Foster children

Kelley, Sac- red Heart Hospital, Norristbwn. Kelley joined Sun Oil as a junior clerk in Evansville, Ind. He came to the Philadelphia general office in as a mem ber of the controller's staff. He is survived by his wife Mary, two sons, Robert B. Services will be Tuesday a 1 Lowe's, Lincoln Ave.

Alexandria: Who's Calling Me From ?

She first ived in Crum Lynne but spent the greater part of her life here n Media. She had been a waitress at the Arcadia Restaurant on State street there. For the last 10 years, Mis Cummings lived in Holmes. Laura" Downs of Holmes and Mrs. Marv Williams of Atlantic City; 15 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren and one great-great-granddaughter. The viewing will be Sunday evening at the J, Nelson Rigby f u.

The funeral will be there Monday at aim High.

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Burial will be in Calvary Cemetery, Media. Moulton, died Thursday at Crozer Hospital after a three- month illness. She lived in Marcus Hook before moving to Chester 20 years ago. Thomas J. Boden of Chester; a son Robert Moulton of Chester; two grandchildren and one great- grandchild; four sisters, Mrs. White funeral home, 3rd and Norris Sts. Jennings pastor of South Chester Method! Burial will be in -Lawn Croft. AP Mrs. Jackson H.

Boyd, 80, mother- in-law of Sen. Stuart Symington D-Mo , died Friday from complications of bronchial pneumonia and a weak heart. Boyd was the daughter of John Hay, U. S Secretary of State from until his death in and Abraham Lincoln's private secretary from to Winter, who spent his boyhood with Tarkington in Indianapolis, retired as president justice of New York's municipal court in A Republican, he also served as campaign manager for Fiorello H. La Guardta in the and New York mayoralty elections. AP -Sen. J6hn F. The New York delegation to the national convention has not yet been ejected.

Crotty said Friday that 4o county leaders he talked to at a Bronx Democratic dinner Thursday night said they were for Konncdv. Friends may call Monday night at the funeral home. Masonic Home, Philadelphia. Taylor, wife of the late Clarence L. Taylor, formerly lived in Chester and Ridley Park. She is survived by three brothers, Samuel M. Clark and George T. Clark, both of Chester and Charles W. Clark of Ridley Park; three sisters, Mrs. Sara C. Me- Cray of Chester, Mrs. Amy C. Bullard of Hatboro, 12 nieces and nephews.

The funeral will be Tuesday st 1 p. Viewing will be Monday, 7 to 9 p. Elm Ave. Sweeten was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Darby. Her husband, Samuel L. Sweeten, died in She is survived by a son, Samuel L. Marie Alderman of Colwyn, Mrs. Silvia Seymour of Yeadon and Mrs. The funeral will be at 1 p. Typed transcripts and notes made by F.

Young of dispatches, September , , published in the St. Louis Missouri Republican, October 6-November 30, Chambers, editor of that paper, acted as secretary for the U. Commissioners, David D. Mitchell and Describe his overland journey to California and his experiences mining on the Mokelumne River and in Sonora.

Relates to the failure of the German military to oppose Adolf Hitler during the s. Writings, lists, memoranda, and printed matter, relating to Yugoslav naval operations and relations with the Allies during World War II, Slovene territorial claims in , and decisions concerning Yugoslavia made at the Yalta Conference. Diaries, writings, letters, and clippings, relating to Soviet and Russian foreign policy, and relations with Italy and Great Britain.

Cohen , the first receiver of the company. She wrote popular articles for newspapers and magazines. The collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and ephemera related to Lady Adams's life and writings. Program presented by the Associates of the Stanford University Libraries, October in conjunction with an exhibition of Adams' photographs.

It consists of images portraying businesses, street scenes, aerospace employees, and Correspondence is arranged chronologically, with letters from Adams and Waters interfiled. Incoming correspondence to Waters from others, primarily concerning the production of Adams' books, follows the Adams-Waters correspondence. Subject files for the books Waters worked on are arranged alphabetically by A photographer and conservationist, he helped to establish photography as an art form and is known for his detailed, panoramic photos of the American West.

The collection consists of typescripts, Contains 26 black and white photographic prints taken by Ansel Easton Adams. Date of creation of photographs is unknown, although notations on back of some photographs indicate they were taken prior to Photographs include nature and landscape scenes; portraits; Also includes one photo of a painting by Walt Kuben. Locations of paintings not identified. Interiors and exteriors of the Spanish Mission style buildings are shown. A collection dealing with the Jamaican financial interests of Benjamin Adams and Thomas Adams; the collection consists of correspondence, statements of bills and accounts, estate dealings and promissory notes.

It contains entries for 3 voyages from London to Natal, Brazil. In , Cyrus K. Holliday obtained a charter and raised capital for a new railroad that began running in Kansas the following year. He dreamed of a railway to replace covered wagons along the Santa Fe Trail between Independence, Missouri This collection consists primarily of fifty-four photographs of silent movie actress Claire Adams depicted in many of her forty six silent films.

Production companies include Paramount, Universal, and Jesse G. Hampton Productions. The collection also includes studio portrait photographs, a The collection consists of photographs taken by or given to Claude M. He was an international scholar in Typed reproductions of 8 letters written by D. Adams in the years and Letters are mainly addressed to L. Subjects includes The Emma Lee and Jimmie Adams Papers include personal and business correspondence, financial records, legal records, programs, postcards, business cards, and printed material documenting the personal and business activities of Emma Lee and Jimmie Adams.

The papers are organized into Correspondence and leaflets relating to the administration and finances of Stanford University and to American participation in World War I. Correspondence mostly with Herbert Hoover. Includes a series of leaflets by E. Adams, entitled with Germany, Includes photocopied The E. Adams Papers, dating from to bulk , include correspondence, manuscripts and typescripts of some of Adams' writings, research materials, and a small amount of Stanford administrative records. The correspondence is arranged chronologically, but the letters for Adams' correspondence as consultant on irrigation matters and as Professor of Irrigation Investigation and Practice in the College of Agriculture Division of Irrigation.

The Frank Adams papers consist of files regarding his work in the subjects of irrigation, agriculture, and land settlement projects. The materials include the following formats: reports, reprints, correspondence, clippings, and notes, and historical and statistical data. The content includes The George and Elenora Adams diaries, letters, and other material contain 39 diaries, four letters, and various personal documents and ephemera kept by George E.

Adams and his wife Elenora Martin Learned Adams. Throughout the course of their lives--as documented Gerald Drayson Adams was a film and television writer. Among his credits are the films and and the television series. The collection consists of screenplays, teleplays, treatments, and other writings for what appear to be movie and television projects Approximately items pertaining to Adams H.

Johnson's life family business activities in Eureka, Nevada. Includes billheads and letters; data on mines and mills in eastern Nevada; some fraternal items; mining maps; legal documents; banking material; telegrams. Papers largely reflect his teaching career at Stanford University and include class materials, correspondence, memoranda, reports, publications, and some photographs largely of student projects. Collection also includes minutes and correspondence of the curriculum committee of the School of Engineering, Jane Adams collected recipes and menus from hundreds of food manufacturers and locales.

Letters, financial records, property tax records, and clippings relating mainly to his career as president of the Nevada Lava Stone Company, treasurer of the Nevada Gypsum Company, and to his livestock business, especially his partnership with W. The collection contains a number of pieces of artwork etchings, oil, watercolor, acrylic, and others by early twentieth century American and European artists.

Such a collection can be used to trace shifts in cultural The documents the history of photography, including various photographic processes and formats, such as albumen prints, cyanotypes, platinotypes, ambrotypes, gelatin silver prints, glass negatives, carte de visites, tin types, cabinet cards, and more. In addition, the collection also illustrates the The consists of over years of history and communication through postcards. The postcards are diverse in size, format, and subject. The collection contains more than 4, postcards of San Diego County, and 8, postcards representing parts of the state A variety of products are advertised in the collection.

All trade cards in the collection are American except two French cards which can be found in the "Miscellaneous Products" folder The collection consists of Adams's professional correspondence, publications, and research files. The document Adams' publications and research, his years at San Diego State College as a professor, department chair, and University Archivist, his relationship with San Diego Union as book reviewer, and some limited parts of his personal life. The collection Also includes several issues of her newsletter, "Mad Manor Monthly," The Kramer A. The collection has been processed to Written by her friends and family, the letters Reports and brochures from the Wine Advisory Board and Wine Institute, files for The wines of America, correspondence and clippings, wine cookbooks and ephemera.

Mason Adams was an actor whose career spanned film, radio, television, and theater. The collection consists of scripts related to Adams' acting career, video and audio tapes, and a small amount of personal material. The Michael F. Adams Papers contain materials relating to his time as vice president of university affairs at Pepperdine University. The collection is primarily composed of materials relating to the Board of Regents, development and giving campaigns, and scheduling.

Peggy Hamilton Adams was a fashion designer, editor of the rotogravure fashion page and a host for local radio programs that dealt with fashion concerns of the modern woman. The collection consists of materials related to Hamilton's career Files relating to Isla Vista organizations and issues; correspondence and typescript draft of Adams' unpublished study , co-authored with Fred T.

Newcomb, alleging the JFK assassination was engineered by the U. Secret Service; and scattered issues of newspapers, mainly This collection contains items of the family and descendants of Phinehas Adams of Connecticut and Ohio. The bulk of this collection contains letters, manuscripts, documents including Connecticut and Ohio land deeds, documents, personal and business affairs of the Includes material related to the book series' and as well as the anthology The bulk of the Adams papers comprises letters from Adams to his wife, business correspondence, and Mrs.

Adams' letters to her son Letters sent to Ephraim Douglass Adams, father of S. Adams, and other family members. Letters written to his father Ephraim D. Adams concerning his military training at Camp Lewis, Washington, and his experiences overseas This collection consists of photographs and slides of Stanley Adams and his partner Jules Strauss. Photographs include snapshots and prints from a display presented to Stanley and The collection consists of correspondence written by and to lawyer Thomas Adams of Alnwick, England.

There are also a few account books, notes, and drafts of articles of agreement regarding land in Northumberland, England. Papers and photographs from Velma Adams. Some of the photographs are of the Gallup Intertribal Ceremonials. Contains This collection chiefly consists of the administrative, scientific, and personal correspondence of astronomer and Mount Wilson Observatory Director Walter S. Adams , spanning the years to , and including his work during World War II.

There is also material William B. The collection consists of materials relating to the production of Adams' book, c. William S. Adams served in the medical corps of the U. Printed design includes name of organization, plus repeated image of figure in wheelchair breaking free of shackles.

The Sanford Aday Collection measures 1. A collection assembled by the museum, which contains seat furniture, tables, lamps, and other small pieces, by designers and architects, most of whom practiced in California. Originally part of the museum's Fine Art Collection, most pieces were transferred to the The collection is composed of oral histories conducted by various individuals with the following architects, interior designers, and family members: Sam Reisbord; Lutuh The ADC Study collection spans 4.

The collection, compiled by the repository from assorted acquisitions, contains photographs, negatives, ephemera including posters, articles and clippings and a few documents, all organized This collection contains approximately 5 linear inches of papers covering Walter J. Addems long, successful life of flying and achievements. He began flying at a very early age and was a member of the famous Early Birds. He was integral This addendum to the Bill Rosendahl-Adelphia Communications Corporation Collection of Public Affairs Television Programs contains master video recordings of a variety of news and public affairs shows that were produced by Bill Rosendahl in and Many programs in Typed notes, with charts and illustrations, from a course taught by Cornelius B.

Personal correspondence of Sara Addington Davis, relating to the lives of several Iowa and New England families; together with correspondence of her relatives, including letters of her father, Daniel Davis, a native of Vermont, describing his voyage to California Victorian photograph album containing carte de visite and cabinet card photographs of Gerald Anthony Pellew Bagnall Addington, 4th Viscount Sidmouth, his family, schoolmates, and Oxford college. Chiefly family correspondence, including a letter from his father, Aaron L. A few relate to Washington Territory politics.

Address given as part of a Stanford memorial service for President Jordan, January 19, , by acting president Swain. Manuscript draft and two typescript copies, with notes. Genealogical information for the Simon, Bloch and Steinman families; some family documents; and photographs.

The collection includes biographies; a few professional papers by Adele Solomons Jaffa; clippings; and photographs. The photographs include an portrait of Adele Solomons at her graduation from Hahnemann Medical College of the Pacific, a portrait of Adele Solomons The collection includes photographs, playbills, posters, magazines, sound recordings, and programs.

Album of 48 black and white albumen prints, some faded, of the British Camel Battery in action against Turkish forces. Photos include brief captions in English. Images feature Aden countryside and villages; Arab men, women, and children; local Jewish population; Also several portraits of local inhabitants.

Photo album, ca. Includes shots of fellow British servicemen, military planes and ships, Aden police and military on camels, dhows and other local boats, many street Transcripts of an interview and a speech, and photographs, relating to West German politics and foreign relations. The Adherble T. Button Collection consists of correspondence both to and from A. Button, and illuminates a particular period of history in San Benito County that has long since disappeared, the mining of quicksilver in support of the gold Found in Romaine Trade Catalog Collection.

This collection contains book binding tools, press clippings, and other material created, collected and used by Max J. Adjarian, a master rare book restorer. Correspondence, questionnaires, transcripts of interviews, drafts of writings, galleys, research notes, sound tape reels, photographs, and maps relating primarily to the First Special Service Force composed of American and Canadian troops and its operations in Italy and Southern France during These materials were gathered and generated for an exhibition at the Engineering Library at Stanford and include drawings, exhibit text and captions, articles, clippings, Awesome Games of Catch VHS videocassette , examples of commercial Aerobie rings and orbiter, and several pre-production The David Adler papers span 7 linear feet and date from circa to The collection contains black-and-white photographs and color kodachrome prints, a newspaper clipping, a stereoscope, and stereographic cards.

The photographs and clipping are of the David The Kurt Herbert Adler papers, , consist of primary and secondary source materials relating to Maestro Adler's musical career, chiefly as conductor for the San Francisco Opera. The collection contains a small amount of correspondence, programs, and notes documenting Adler's Sweigert discusses his family background, education, early law career in San Mateo County, and his career as Attorney General of California, joining the bench in , up to his appointment to the U. District Court in His talks extensively This collection comprises training manuals given to the staff of the Office of Administrative and Business Services at the University of California, Irvine.

Files include board minutes, rosters, election information, reports, and documentation of seminars, programs, and events. Images depict the property as a state park unit. Typewritten program of Admission of California into the Union. Program includes the names of the people that participated in the celebration that occurred on October 29, in San Francisco. Included 7 divisions of people, fireworks, arms fired, and other This collection contains the Adobe Squares square dance club of Petaluma, California, records, photos and event materials covering the entire span of the club's history.

Includes views of adobes and other buildings. Pictured are houses occupied by the Hinke family, a frame house occupied by Kennett, a store built by Bernardino Vasquez presently known as Colombo House , the Washington Hotel, the Trescony adobe, Jacob Escobar's Photographs of various adobe buildings throughout California.

Mostly residences, but includes some missions. The photographs primarily document the exteriors of the This collection consists of publicity materials for Adohr Milk Farms. Box 1 contains 27 photographs of Adohr Farms dairy operations in Reseda and Buttonwillow, California, that have been mounted on black board and captioned. Box 2 consists of 8 digitized Professional papers of University of California, Berkeley geologist.

Collection includes correspondence and manuscripts of writings, as well as files related to his research and teaching activities; participation in university and departmental affairs; involvement in professional science organizations. Letter file binder 30 x 27 cm containing fifty handwritten letters and telegrams addressed to Adolfo Hegewisch, president of the Quintera Mining company, from various interested parties in a dispute involving operations and transactions concerning the Quintera Mining Company located Finley, Felix Frankfurter, Joseph C.

Grew, Franklin D. Typed transcript of Bandelier's journals, August 20, December 31, , when he was laying the foundation for the archeology of the Southwest, from the original manuscripts in the Museum of New Mexico at Santa Fe reels ; and of pictorial Correspondence, photographs, clippings, subject file, and scrapbook concerning Drake's landing in California, Drake's life, and the Drake Navigators Guild.

With the above: , Aug. Corrected notes on the Sutro Library Majority of correspondence concerns the building of Sutro Tunnel. Includes newspapers seeking information and offering support on Tunnel project, contact with a manufacturing firm regarding building of mining railroad cars, etc. Last letter concerns excavation work being done on beach Contains: 1 letter from R. Cross to A. Correspondence and papers detailing Adolph Sutro's involvement with San Francisco streetcars, beach improvements at Sutro Heights the Cliff House , and road construction.

Includes several labor reports, , for work at the beach at Sutro Heights; typed draft articles of incorporation Letter dated December 26, from the law firm of Tabor and Tabor to J. Maithes, and his response on verso. Collection contains slides and photographic prints pertaining to Wilson's activity as a printer including photographs of his Press in Tuscany Alley, San Francsico, Calif.

Also contains material related to the work of Manuscripts and correspondence chiefly relating to Stoutenburg's work as a poet. Adrignola and Walter Blumoff had documented the event as freelance photographers. Financial statement of the customs-and-tax office for Aguascalientes District, recording receipts from taxes and listing also other receipts and expenditures, notably for pensions. The records in this series contain materials related to the Adult College of Jewish Studies.

Subseries include Programs, Publications, and News Clippings. The collection includes catalogs from conferences of adult education professional organizations. The collection is most complete for a twenty-eight year period from The majority of the catalogs are from California organizations, but some catalogs of national organizations are included Approximately 25 adult education leaders a year were admitted into the Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMD is an American multinational semiconductor company based in Sunnyvale, California, that develops computer processors and related technologies.

After having begun in sales at Amphenol in the early s, Stephen J. Zelencik started working for Fairchild The collection consists of plus scripts for the program. Sinton discusses her childhood in San Francisco, Calif. Ledger of abstracts of deeds, titles, bonds, covenants, mortgages, and records of legal actions in the Potrero Hill area of San Francisco, Calif. Entries are mostly grouped by original claim, many including sketch maps; transactions within each claim are listed This collection comprises 16 hand-drawn and hand-colored sketches of magazine advertisements for women's clothing and other products, such as beach towels, hosiery, and cigarettes.

The sketches were created with various media, including pencil, ink, colored pencil, and watercolor, and are Prints consist of views and advertising text for the following clipper ships, primarily sailing to or from San Francisco: David Crockett, Richard S. Several of the Advertising cards, greeting cards, postcards, postcard books, and other printed ephemera. The collection primarily documents twentieth century global lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual and ally LGBTQIA aesthetics, culture and history as represented in commercial cards made to One item shows an attack on an emigrant train, with pioneers defending themselves against Indians.

The other shows a mailcoach being attacked by Indians. Anheuser Busch products visible in both images. The committee began its work in July , providing the federal government with advice in naming geographic features through researching local naming practices Photographs documenting a conference held at Stanford University in late July and early August, The conference, on new teaching aids, was the result of a previous conference held at the MIT Science Teaching Center in March sponsored by Collection consists of approximately applications to the Advisory Pardon Board of California from prisoners at Folsom and San Quentin prisons.

The files, dating from to , are arranged alphabetically by prisoner surname. Each file consists of a description This is the first Graduate Theological Union student newsletter. Its purpose was to promote unity The collection consists of event materials, participation lists, address labels, forms, photographs, correspondence, promotional fliers, certificates of appreciation, clippings, sketches, and newsletters of the Advocate Experience, Rob Eichberg in The records, , comprise the editorial and administrative records of the , , with the bulk from when it was under the direction and editorship of Dick Michaels and Bill Rand.

The records include article drafts, clippings, artwork and Contains correspondence letterpress copybooks and accounts of Alfred E. California forester: mapper of wildland vegetation and soils : oral history transcript from a tape recorded interview conducted by Ann Lage for the Regional Oral History Office, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, With an introduction by Clippings and a few business cards. Clippings are about balloon flight, dirigibles, the Wright Brothers, and other aeronautic topics. Aerial photographs of regions in Mexico, presumably taken in the course of mining engineering studies.

Identified views include various locations in the states of Veracruz-Llave, Puebla and Hidalgo. Also includes photographs of many unidentified locations, also presumably in Mexico. This collection comprises black and white aerial photographs of the University of California, Irvine campus during various stages of construction. Three photographs are of unidentified streets.

Views of the damsites show the sites of the dams drawn in , with geographical markers and elevations labeled. Photos are primarily aerial views of bears and other wildlife possibly in Alaska? Mary Ellen Leary is shown in a helicopter and a plane, talking with officials, and with a camera. Some photos show the U. Army Arctic Test board. These materials date from to and document the early history of balloon flight primarily in France and England, as well Posters present for the following states: Aguascalientes, Baja California, Baja Religious verses, in the form of quintillas, purportedly written by a repentant sinner on the verge of death.

Includes proof of nativity, dated Jan. Contains affidavits for Chinese American merchants and their male relatives, mostly sons, petitioning to enter or re-enter the United States, dated between and , and filed in the District Court of the United States for the Northern District of Affidavits of voter registration in various formats kept by the archives.

Location A The Affiliated Teacher Organizations of Los Angeles Collection documents the teaching career of Harold Corbin, as well as political and social issues relevant to education in the greater Los Angeles Area, from through The organizations represented in this Record Series 46 contains audio recordings of presentations given at Affiliates meetings from Record Series contains the minutes of meetings of the The Affiliates of UCLA, a non-profit association of alumni, faculty, and community friends founded in Records also include newspaper clippings of Affiliate activities.

Record Series contains correspondence, committee reports, and financial reports documenting the founding and business of The Affiliates of UCLA. Also includes constitution and by-laws of the associations and annual membership directories. Collection consists of transcripts from interviews conducted by Victor Affonso for research in his thesis,.

Consists of more than four thousand individual issues of twenty-nine newspapers, journals, and magazines published in Dari, Pushto, Arabic, and English by various Afghan organizations political and other relating to political conditions and warfare in Afghanistan.

Leaflets, flyers, other printed matter, map, sound recordings, and miscellany relating to political conditions and military insurgency in Afghanistan. This collection consists of posters, calendars, flipbooks, voting forms, maps, an umbrella and other ephemera from various countries throughout Africa. A majority of the posters deal with topics such as corruption; health, specifically how to wash hands and avoid diseases Album contains 48 black and white photographs taken in rural Africa, possibly Nigeria.

Images include indigenous peoples, some possibly Hausa and Yoruba; tents and thatched houses; river boats; people on horseback. The album's primary focus is the digging of a Photos are captioned in English, and document travels around Africa, including a trans-Saharan journey. Images feature local peoples, such as There are thirty items in the African Methodist Episcopal Church ephemera collection, including flyers, calling cards, tickets, etc.

Some are annotated with names, dates and miscellaneous notes. Provenance of the collection is unknown but likely the collector was in some Also includes exterior and interior views of Golden Gate Commandery No. The African American History Collection consists primarily of 19th and 20th century pamphlets with an emphasis on racial justice and political action. From anti-slavery tracts to civil rights leaflets, the materials in this collection reveal a nation's moral and legal Posters promoting African American cultural events and political issues, particularly in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

This scrapbook contains mostly black-and-white photographs featuring images of African American servicemen of the 4th Armored Division in Germany participating in various recreational activities, as well as images taken during military training. Foster, W. Also caricature pieces, including blackface, Six printed items, some written in dialect, with titles such as "Shew Fly!

Oversize boxed. These appear to be staged scenes, with several images of children sitting on steps, at play , men playing cards, Interviews with leaders of a sample of black men's, women's, church, and community organizations concerning the nature, extent, and funding of their group's charitable activities. This collection of photographs of African Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area consists almost entirely of press photographs collected by James Abajian.

Many of the photographs have captions provided by the press photographer or news agency. Photographers include Peter The collection is comprised of sheet music, choral scores, full and partial scores, manuscript music, music books, and compilations. The music falls primarily into the sacred music genre, including gospels, spirituals, and classical pieces; but also includes a significant amount Album dated ; 38 original photographs varying seizes Album contains black and white photographs with borders, each captioned with handwritten descriptions, placed double-sided in corner mounts onto 21 cardstock leaves.

The majority of photographs measure 11cm x 7cm, with a few features measuring up to 16cm x Album from the library of the French minister for the colonies. Marius Moutet - presented to him by the governor Ferdinad Jacques Louis Rougier in April when he visited Koulouba the administrative seat in the capital, Bamako Full list of captions in French with album and in CF. Derived from the dealer description Congo, ca.

The collection includes : One album 45 x 32 cm. A collection of hundreds of negative images and black and white photos from the same region, circa Some with descriptions most in French , others in envelopes. Photoque Ifan. Photographs, postcards, and slides, depicting scenes of daily life, cultural and historical sites, prominent personalities, and works of art in various countries of Africa. Collection includes event materials, newsletters, publications, correspondence, and other records, primarily from the Stanford African Students Association, ; other organizations include Association of Stanford Southern Africans, Stanford Ethiopian and Eritrean Students Association, and Stanford Nigerian Students Association.

Also included are Includes fliers, photographs, and programs of events held at Record Series contains the administrative files of the James S. Coleman African Studies Center. Files include publications; proposal and grant documents; reports and reviews; conference and event documents; and photographs.

One large folded document muster roll in folder. Franklin Cogswell. Contains information related to enlistment, deportment, payroll. This collection contains three albums featuring mostly Afrofuturist comics created and illustrated by David L. The albums contain six short originial comic stories featuring characters such as: Wattz, Fire Woman, Major Soul, and others.

Also included are character descriptions, Discusses his family background and education at the University of California, He also speaks of his experiences as Graduate Manager, as secretary to U. President Wheeler, and as the first university comptroller, He was appointed to the Board Contains Agard family history, a small amount of correspondence and documents of Joseph J. Agard and his son Arthur F. Correspondents include Donald Bertrand Tresidder. Portraits of Joseph J. Agard ca. The collection includes lyrics and original notes for AOC's songs, many of Paper and computer disk versions of articles, relating to political and economic conditions in Latin America, and especially to free market reforms in Latin America.

Includes indexes. The records of the Department of Aging and its predecessors document California's efforts to protect and care for its ever-growing elderly population.