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Hot File notifications are only provided to customers that submit their background checks to FDLE with fingerprint submissions or with name searches submitted directly to FDLE f or processing.

Florida Real Estate License with a Criminal Background?

Although generally state and national criminal history information may not be shared between agencies, exceptions apply only if the purposes of the criminal history record checks are the same and the agencies are both entitled to the same information.

Thus, school districts may share criminal history information with other school districts because the checks are conducted for the same purpose and all districts receive the same data for example, they receive sealed criminal history information. Likewise, a county health department could share with another county health department because criminal history record checks are conducted for the same purpose and they receive the same data.

Sharing of criminal history information is not allowed when it has been obtained for different purposes, even if the data received is the same. For example, criminal history information received by the Department of Financial Services for licensing insurance agents may not be shared with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for licensing of security guards. Entities must contact the VECHS Unit at for entity verification before sharing criminal history information. Pursuant to federal law, regulatory and employing agencies may not share any information obtained from a state and national criminal history record check with a private entity.

However, these agencies can indicate whether or not the person is eligible for licensing or employment based on their established criteria. Non-governmental entities are not authorized to receive both state and national criminal history information under statutory licensing and employment provisions. The only time non-governmental entities are eligible to obtain national criminal history information is through the VECHS program, which is described in detail in the VECHS section below. Section Over one million arrests a year are added to the repository.

Therefore, criminal history record check results are only accurate as of the date they were performed. Monday - Friday am to pm Saturday by Appointment Only. Please bring with you two forms of state or federal photo identification. In addition to maintaining criminal history information, it is our responsibility to provide public access to this information when requested.

State and national criminal history information is available to governmental agencies for licensing and employment as authorized under Florida law. For additional information, you may contact the agency that governs the type of employment in which you are interested. What is a criminal history record check? National criminal history record checks, as well as state checks, are based on the submission of fingerprints. What are Level 1 and Level 2 Background Checks? Level 1 generally refers to a state only name based check AND an employment history check.

Level 2 generally refers to a state and national fingerprint based check and consideration of disqualifying offenses, and applies to those employees designated by law as holding positions of responsibility or trust. Learn More. Search Button. Pay Fine Foreclosures Reports and Forms. Domestic Violence Jury Services Efiling.

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Your Feedback Matters! Take Our Online Survey. Events and Workshops. Sponsored By: Brenda D. Upcoming Workshop: Sealing and Expungement One Stop Shop - Thursday, January 9, If you were charged with a crime in Broward County and the case did not result in a conviction you may be eligible to have a single arrest record sealed or expunged. Doors close promptly at pm. Where E. Current News and Announcements. Message from Clerk. Forman Broward County Clerk of Court.

Clerk of the Month. The law also establishes which documents agencies must consider confidential, provides expectations for how confidential documents can be viewed, and provides for a process that allows members of the public to request access to records that otherwise would be confidential.

Florida Data Repository The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is the states central data repository for criminal history information. Employers are expected to follow federal laws established by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, including that the use of credit history checks be restricted to job-appropriate needs. Firearm Background Checks Florida.

Applicants with Criminal Histories

Florida requires background checks for concealed carry permit holders and individuals purchasing firearms through a federally licensed firearms dealer. Private sales are not required to undergo a background check. Florida does not require registration of firearms and does not issue permits to purchase. A concealed carry permit shall be issued to residents who request one and demonstrate completion of a firearms safety course.

Civil and Consumer. Florida has the distinction of being one of the ten states with the worst drivers in the country Louisiana is first , according to the rate of accidents and traffic infractions. The state Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles maintains records of tickets, license suspensions, civil and criminal charges associated with operating a vehicle. Some records are kept 75 years. Financial and Civil Reports. Consumer Reporting Agencies keep records that include civil judgements, evictions, bankruptcies, delinquencies, auto repossessions, and more. A list of these agencies can be found here.

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