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Clearances & Investigations

Standard B applies to initial investigations for;. Investigative requirements are as follows:. Interviews of appropriate educational sources if education is a primary activity of the subject during the most recent three years. For military members, all service within one branch of the armed forces will be considered as one employment, regardless of assignments. If no residence, employment, or education exceeds six months, local agency checks should be performed as deemed appropriate.

During the investigation, additional subject interviews may be conducted to collect relevant information, to resolve significant inconsistencies, or both. Sworn statements and unsworn declarations may be taken whenever appropriate. Go to your interview well dressed and prepared on the date appointed by the agency.

Bring with you any additional documentation requested by the agency. The investigator will verify the information from your investigation package for accuracy and truthfulness. Agency investigators will review your credit record and will also conduct field interviews with friends, employers, neighbors and other associates.

Follow up with the investigating agency or your employer concerning the status of your investigation. You may need to work with limited access until fully cleared, but be patient. Some, however, may take as little as three months or as long as three years or more depending on the candidate's background.

Basics of the Security Clearance Process

When cleared, you will be notified by your security office. Complete your investigation package fully and accurately.

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Felony convictions, theft, fraud, violent crimes and drug or alcohol abuse, as well as confirmed lack of candor, will result in denial or revocation of your clearance. Explain any faulty gray area incidents, such as credit problems, car accidents, liens or expunged court records in as much detail as possible. These issues may significantly delay your investigation process if not properly disclosed.

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